Tiny toes, little noses and incredibly long eyelashes. First smiles, which are probably actually just wind and the gorgeous clothing they outgrow far too quickly. How they fit so perfectly onto your chest and that magical dreamy sleep that consumes time. Sometimes I feel a bit sad when I think about how fast the newborn stage goes. I have three little darlings five and under, they are my world. Their newborn photographs are hanging around our house and they make me smile and remember everyday.

In-home Newborn Sessions
I know it can be a challenging time, so let me come to your home and take away all of that stress. You will be more relaxed which means baby will be too and you will finally be able to drink that hot cup of tea. The session may last up to 3 hours as I run on babies schedule. I bring along everything needed to create a little studio in your lounge including backdrops, props and outfits. There is no pressure, you can sit back and take time to soak up all of that baby goodness, all in your own home and you can finally enjoy that hot cup of tea!

I’m really passionate about making this experience easy and risk free. I want you to feel comfortable booking a professional newborn shoot, so I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t adore your images.
In-home sessions cost $200 and package options start from $175.00.

Sounds easy right – Now all you need to do is contact me – call 0800 333 057 or email info@spphotography.co.nz and you will have images of your little miracle to smile at every day and you won’t forget how tiny their toes were.